MARKSMAN Waterpower Watch

This sportswatch is not only waterproof, it also runs on water as an energy source. The bottom cabinet can be easily opened and filled with tap water. On a single refill the with will run for around two weeks before it needs another drop.

MARKSMAN Chronograph Gentlemans’ Watch

Forming part of a whole collection of mens’ accessories, such as cufflinks, ties and belts, this watch collection is understated yet visible. Featuring a full matte 42 mm casing or stainless steel brush with elegant hands and subtle blue seconds

This watch has been awarded with the IF 2015 Design Award.

MARKSMAN Analogue Gentlemans’ Watch

The analogue watch is fitted with cover in the middle of the dial, making the watch more minimal while at the same time adding a very interesting imprint space for end customers who want to decorate the watch.

Marksman Watch Collection